The Curator of Your Story

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The Curator of a good story should include:

Transparency, Growing & Authenticity

Allowing Others to be the Curator Your Story

April 6, 2021, two days following Easter Sunday, a life event took place for me. I became aware my traumatic event from March 17, 2021 was made public. The shame of that event made a tremendous impact on me. While March 18 was about the alcohol on April 6 it became personal. It is my actions that I found unacceptable not the act of drinking alcohol. I had allowed others to curate my story and I did not like what I read. The problem was no longer about the alcohol but me.

Hot off the presses…

“When the police arrived, Karen Esbenshade was reportedly standing in front of the damaged vehicles, both of which were registered in her husband’s name, according to police reports. Karen Esbenshade told police, “we’re just working it out between us,” according to police reports.

“Karen Esbenshade, who was injured with a cut under her eye, reportedly tried to walk away from the officers and go inside the house. The officers ordered Karen Esbenshade to remain outside as she was relevant to an active DUI investigation, but she continued to try to go inside the house, according to police reports.

“An OCPD officer reportedly grabbed her arm, but she tried to pull away. Karen Esbenshade then fell on the ground and would not get up. Instead, she was shouting loudly off and on for about a minute until police got her back on her feet and escorted her to a patrol car, according to police reports.

“Karen Esbenshade continued to yell and scream and resist the officers’ attempts to get her under control. At one point, she bit an OCPD officer and clenched her teeth on his arm and would not let go, according to police reports.

“When police were transporting Karen Esbenshade to the Public Safety Building, she reportedly began kicking the plexiglass window covering in the transport vehicle repeatedly, to the point the entire vehicle would shake, according to police reports. She was ultimately charged with second-degree assault, disorderly conduct, intoxicated endangerment and malicious destruction of property.”

~ The Dispatch

Sharing my story while curating your story.

While reading my blog posts you will find I am not just sharing my story but writing yours. Each blog post is like a chapter within a book. The chapters are composed of unique life struggles. By being transparent, sharing my struggles it is my hope certain chapters will resonate with your daily life. It may be struggles you haven’t yet identified, choosing to suppress or struggles you are aware of and cannot overcome. Regardless of your struggles you are not alone. If you choose to surrender your struggles and the shame behind your struggles please know your ending will be perfectly curated.


My old self-curated story continues… March 18, 2021.

Following a traumatic event, due to my life choices I decided it was time to make drastic changes to the way I chose to live my life. For the first time I needed to address my addiction and excessive use of alcohol so I voluntary committed myself to a thirty-day, holistic rehab for alcohol abuse. I believed alcohol was my problem.

I successfully was able to abstain from alcohol use with no cravings for sixteen months. Since I have had an occasional glass of wine but have lost my daily cravings and interest in recreational alcohol use. Today I no longer see alcohol as my problem.

Curating my new story from my old.

The last two years I have been scripting a new story. It is a story which continues to unfold. It is filled with hope and optimism for a happily ever after. My old story is a sad tale and did not end well for me. I am happy to put that story to rest. The good news is we are fortunate because when we allow Christ in we are given the opportunity to allow God to be the curators of our new life. Even when we fall we are given the opportunity to rewrite our ending.

Over the course of my blogging journey I will be sharing the chapters which led up to my destruction. You may find some of the chapters are eerily similar to your own story. And within those chapters I will share how I was able to or continue to work on conquering those struggles. Chapters which have contributed to my healing.


The old self-curated story ends and a new God-curated one begins… April 6, 2021.

When a story is so good it is worthy of front page news. My private story which I did not even recall happening, because the night of the incident I had blacked out was made public. And that one incident had such a tremendous impact on my life I was desperate for change.

God is the Curator of Your Story

On April 6, I decided I needed to put that woman to rest. God being the exceptional God He is sent Jesus to help me. The next many months I started from my birth, learning about my present self. We explored my past, addressing my flaws, and ridding myself of the flaws that did not serve me.

A new child was born that day and she continues to grow up, growing into the woman He intends for her to be. Over the next couple years Jesus helped me create the ideal woman to grow into. And I will continue to grow.


What does a well-curated life look like?

Purposefully Curated

If we go through life lacking a purpose we are not contributing to the greater good. In my early years of parenting I did have a purpose. When our daughters were young we raised them in a church but our home life lacked everyday Christian values. I did a considerable amount of volunteer work and gave back to our community. Over the years I lost my purpose and it did not go unnoticed.

God knew what He was doing my fateful night of March 17. And it was only the beginning because it was April 6 when He decided I needed to tackle more than a problem with alcohol.

Through my experience I have decided to live my remaining days purposefully, acting on His plan for my life. With authenticity I will be able to follow that path with ease.

And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

Romans 8:28 NLT

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