Pardon my appearance I am a Work In Progress

We grow at different rates, sometimes it is temporary stunted, but we need to keep growing.

As we age we lose sight of who we are, left with an identity lost. Family, friends, and society all have expectations of us. Our identity morphs into what is expected of us. We either choose to live up to someone else’s standards, compare ourselves to others leading to unattainable growth or allow our past to dictate our future.

Why do we allow our flawed selves to stunt our growth?

It is within our flawed selves we will find the God-given beauty which we can grow out of.

Growing out of our beautiful self.

Grow-together is a gathering spot to share our flawed selves; learning from each other and supporting one another as we grow.

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Hi, I Am Karen A Flawed Woman

I am a writer who is inspired by my shame-filled past. Following years of trying to conform to a broken society I broke. Actually, I shattered. I was reduced to dust so God could mold and shape me into the beautiful woman He has always intended for me to be.