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A garden where your flawed self will flourish.

A beautiful garden where we will grow from our struggles, as we welcome and embrace our flawed selves.

Embracing Our Natural God-given Beauty

As each day passes and we look for our identity from the outside world, we lose an opportunity to be the beautiful person God intends for us to be. We settle for what society and our loved ones expect of us. Most often these expectations are not attainable and contribute to our daily struggles. Deep inside ourselves is where we find our true beauty. Once our true beauty is unleashed we will be at peace.

Society and our loved ones have expectations of us. If we do not take an honest look at our reflection in the mirror we will succumb to the ideal created by society. We allow our flawed characters to dictate our behaviors, leading us into temptations. We allow our flawed characters to dictate how we treat others, harshly judging and condemning other’s actions. We have no control over other’s actions and the world around us, but we can control how we react.

The Beauty of Creation is we are a Work in Progress.

~ Karen Esbenshade

We can decide to put our defects to rest, and create an ideal to work towards. On a daily basis we get to nourish our roots, allowing the sunlight to sink in. Our garden will flourish with the proper tools and conditions. The beauty of Creation is we are a Work in Progress.

My Growth

At the age of fifty I was blessed with the opportunity to start growing into the woman God has intended for me to be. Following, the child rearing years, my identity was lost. I deviated from my walk with Christ, leading me onto a dark path. I no longer recognized the reflection of the girl I viewed in the mirror.

Following years of conforming to my community and not being able to deal with a broken society I turned towards alcohol to mask my pain. Alcohol is a numbing agent, which is used as a temporary fix. The roots of my pain needed attention. It is through Christ I was able to accept my flawed self, surrender, and grow.

Today I choose to live life to the fullest, living one day at a time, not being resentful or regretful of my past and dreading the days which lie ahead.

Come Grow With Me

Let’s Grow Together

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