I Am… Karen, beautifully flawed.

Join Karen a beautifully flawed woman on her journey towards recovery.
Join me on a journey of growth.

Meet Karen, a beautifully flawed woman. Born a child of Christ. While her mother received a degree in Christian education sharing her spirituality, her father, a writer, shared his love for the spirits in the bottle and his struggles with alcoholism. Karen’s path was paved. She married an amazing man and, together, they created two beautiful daughters. Their life was idyllic, but she got lost somewhere along the way.

Life presented many obstacles that stunted her growth, the main one being her. At the age of fifty, it was time for Karen to grow up. Life came to a screeching halt when one day, Karen’s past caught up with her. Following a night of debauchery that landed her in jail and then, later, rehab, Karen was presented with the opportunity to grow into the woman God had intended for her to be. On April 6, 2021, just two days following Easter Sunday, she was Born Again.

So her journey began.

Karen started to challenge her daily life struggles by allowing God to reveal her flawed self and peel back the layers of guilt, shame, and humiliation. It was time to put her childish ways behind her. Since then, Karen has been growing by leaps and bounds!

As children of God it is our imperfections which make us beautiful.

~ Karen Esbenshade

As an aspiring writer, Karen created the Grow-together.blog to invite women to take a good hard look at their reflections, embrace their flawed selves, and do the work to become the beautiful ideal women God intends for them to be.

Karen uses her platform to invite other women to share their struggles, encouraging her friends to share their stories. She knows firsthand that when they place their faith in God, they are not alone as they journey through life.

Growing Out of Our Shame

Embracing our imperfections… https://www.happiness.com/magazine/personal-growth/embrace-your-imperfections/

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