Trust is for the T in holisTic aging

Holistic aging is a comprehensive way to approaching the aging process and the T for Trust allows me to age with confidence.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship.

Trust is the foundation of all healthy relationships.

Merriam Webster Dictionary states, trust is 1a: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. 1b: one in which confidence is placed.

Trust is a tall order to fill, so how do we establish trust and what is it based on?

A couple weeks ago my husband was speaking about trust and mentioned it is based on experience. If we have a favorable experience then we will establish some confidence to place our trust.

My husband has never (as far as I know) committed adultery, so I haven’t experienced infidelity in our relationship. He has been true to his character being committed to our marriage. I can maintain the confidence that our relationship can withstand lust filled temptation, until I am proven wrong.

The same can be true about financial trust. If one partner isn’t being a good steward of their finances then trust will be breached. Addicts can also disrupt the trust in a marriage, by attempting to hide their abuse.

Trust is a fragile arrangement and doesn’t take much for betrayal to take place. How does one decide the truth to build trust upon?

Citizens rely on government to keep them safe. In God We Trust denotes that the political and economic prosperity of the nation is in God’s hands. The problem is there are government officials who try to play God.

Our world was placed in a lockdown based on erroneous information. The lockdown was meant to keep us safe, but not everyone was safe. Certain individuals rely on their community for support. While few remained safe, others suffered in isolation. There was an uptick in overdoses, suicide and drug use during the pandemic. The recovery community depends on in person human interaction to heal.

The public was given conflicting information from the scientific community with nothing substantial to place our confidence in. These actions have contributed to the lack of trust in man.

Man is not infallible because we humans are capable of making errors. Science is based on man’s experimentation, observation, and logic. I am not stating I distrust all science, but I am no longer willing to place my faith in man.

So what’s left?

Science may help shape my decisions, but I prefer blind faith, leaning on my relationship with God. I will base my choices on reason and my ability to think. God gifted me with a brain. He created man with the ability to think and reason. He expects us to use His gift. Read Stuck In Denial Because Truth Hurts for one woman’s experience with the health professionals.

Science is ever changing, I need to place my trust into the definitive word of God. There is much uncertainty and no clear answers to most of our problems. To read more on Trusting in God When Life Happens. To trust in God is a peace that surpasses all understanding.

For we live by faith, not by sight.

2 Corinthians 5:7 NIV

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