The P’s needed for Perseverance

The P’s needed for perseverance are purpose, passion, pursuit & peace.

What did it take for this magnificent home to be built?

Perseverance alone doesn’t build a house.

A couple weeks ago, my husband and I dropped our daughter off to school. She will be completing her final semester. It takes perseverance to graduate. We had a few days, with no plans or a place to stay. Our adventure took us to this breath-taking waterfront home. The visit represented so many different things. The home and it’s occupants demonstrate perseverance in many different ways.

Purpose is needed for Perseverance

The bunk room has four king-sized beds with the purpose to accommodate the guests.
The bunk room has four king-size beds with the purpose of accommodating the guests.

What is your why?

The why is one of the p’s behind perseverance.

The purpose behind building a big house might be to invite friends and family to visit.

If you don’t have a purpose in life, then you will have trouble meeting your goal.

Now I didn’t ask the home owners, “What’s your purpose?” but I can tell you that we share a common interest. Recovery. Following years of hard work, the couple amassed enough wealth to build this home. During the time of their retirement, both wife and husband sought recovery. They did not want to live out their retirement years hungover.

To work in an environment which commands the level of stress to plan for early retirement isn’t always healthy. I watched as my husband struggled to build a successful business. We didn’t have healthy coping skills in place and lacked purpose. When we made it to retirement we were not at a healthy place.

We each encounter our own struggles along the way. By choosing recovery, we can derive our purpose. Recovery is a good purpose, not only helping us but others who are also struggling. The others give us a reason to persevere.

Pride has been a barrier for me. It is difficult to share my flawed self with others who are struggling. And in recovery it is important to be vulnerable.

Passion is needed for Perseverance

A beautiful kitchen can make cooking a passion and the chef want to persevere to make a delicious meal.
My passion was kitchen design and now it is writing.

What lights your fire?

For me I love to design kitchens and cook, but writing represents one of the p’s of perseverance.

My passion fuels my purpose, which makes me want to persevere.

The night prior to our visit the homeowners hosted a fundraiser for a couple hundred guests. The homeowners are able to give back by loaning their home to organizations to raise money.

We share a passion to help others who also struggle with alcohol and other afflictions. I choose to blog about my experiences.

Once again Pride stands in the way of my passions. It creates an unrealistic view of fulfilling my passion. I expect immediate gratification, even though I know that through our struggles is when we persevere.

Pursuit is needed for Perseverance.

Having a passion that fuels my purpose helps, but I also need to put forth the effort. I need a quest and it should be attainable. Building this house isn’t attainable for me, but publishing books is doable.

What keeps you going?

It’s important to have a clear vision, stay focused and remain on task. Prior to recovery I used my words to agitate and instigate. Today, I use my words, representing the p’s for perseverance to heal. I am sharing my point of view.

If we have a clear line of sight, we can remain on task for our pursuit and persevere.
For our pursuit it helps to approach from different perspectives then we can persevere.

To persevere you need to actively go after your dreams and consider different perspectives. We might have ideas which do not work, but we are not to give up.

When Pride continually pops up, it creates self-doubt, feeding into my insecurities. At times I hinder my own progress.

Peace is needed for Perseverance.

Pushing ourselves is necessary, but we also need to know our limits. When we surpass our limits that is when we sacrifice peace.

To be able to Surrender to God and Trust in His plan, then we can grow from our struggles.

Pride seems to constantly stand in my way and it is through God I can truly persevere.

Peace will keep us from getting frustrated so we can persevere.

How can we persevere when we are frustrated?

It takes Patience to Persevere. Just one more of the p’s of perseverance.

My brothers and sisters, be very happy when you are tested in different ways. You know that such testing of your faith produces endurance.

James 1:2-3 GW

I will praise, proclaim and promote God, in the name of Jesus as to what God is doing in my life. Through sharing my struggles I am fascinated that readers from eight other countries are interested in my recent blog post, Truth hurts the Silence is Deafening. The messages I share are universal.

Recovery isn’t just for people who are struggling financially or living in the middle, but also those who have great wealth. Pride is a obstacle which stands in the way of recovery. Pride can be a virtue, but needs to be the right kind of pride.

Truth Hurts there’s a case for pride, I share how to differentiate between good and bad pride. And how pride is necessary for me to persevere.

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