Truth Hurts, the silence is deafening.

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Last night I lie awake, listening. Insomnia settled in and it wasn’t until at least 2:30 a.m. that I drifted into my slumber. The doors were left open to allow the unseasonable cool temperatures into our home. The sloshing of the water on our dock kept my mind awake, active, thinking about my writing. I have to admit the truth hurts, the silence is deafening.

The truth is sometimes I wonder does anyone really care? It is a struggle to show up week after week, pour my heart into my work, and be noticed, but not acknowledged. But then I have to ask myself these questions, “Did someone ask me to write for them? Do I bore them with my rambling post? And, why am I continuing to post for an audience of a few when I have the medium number of Facebook friends?”

When we summon the courage and post, receiving little feedback, the silence is deafening, but to hurt isn’t a bad thing. I can choose to have a pity party and feed into my insecurities or grow out of the hurtful truths.

The silence can strengthen me.

The truth is no one has asked for me to write for them. My writing and sharing is strengthening my relationships, with others and God. When a post receives attention, it shares with me topics which are of interest to others. I can see how many friends redirect to my website link. In the story I can see who is interested in the complete picture. This information offers topics, which I need to address further and it builds an audience for my writing.

The silence provides very important information for writers. The best way for me to grow is to listen to the silence. The silence speaks volumes.

Finding peace and passion within the silence.

I have been working on living a life free of other peoples expectations or praise. Not allowing others to dictate where I get my peace. I have found peace from within. The moments when I sit in silence are the moments I am able to create. I find passion when I write and share my ramblings. And I need to keep reminding myself it is about reaching that one person. Even if that one person is me then my blogging is accomplishing it’s purpose.

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  1. I believe God had you write this for me today. Seriously. I’m in such a funk, Karen. And this was a good reminder for me. At least one person got what was needed today, friend, but I’m sure there are plenty more!

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