If the Walls Can Talk, the Truth Will Get Out

window in stone wall

Our house is a gathering place. A place where the minds and hearts collide, the minds exposing our flaws and hearts protecting us from our shame.

If the walls can talk would they expose a crumbling foundation? The true beauty of a structure is in the exposed walls.

We hide the truth inside the walls of our homes.

Our house is the life of the party. It is a home which lacks spirituality and at times drunk on the spirits.

If the walls can talk would they slur their speech? It is a place where I have been held prisoner Sunday mornings, when I should have been at church.

Our house is a place for discretion. Especially, if there is no harm to anyone outside the walls.

If the walls can talk would there be non-stop chatter to cause pain? The whispering between the walls should hold their secrets.

Our house is a happy place. It is where are friends go for a good time.

If the walls can talk would laughter interrupt what they had to say? Their laughter left me as the butt of the joke and my story is nothing to laugh about.

If the walls can talk how do we silence them?

Gossip quickly spreads hurting the innocence.
Gossip is like a poison, quickly spreading hurting the innocence and the purveyor of the hateful words.

A house is to be a safe space. It should offer discretion to those who live within the walls. And when a friend visits they too should respect the privacy of the family. However, there are times when a secret slips through the cracks. Personal, painful moments can escape and spread, causing harm to the innocent bystanders.

Gossip is irrelevant news so when the purveyor initiates their hate-filled words it should stop with you. Direct the purveyor of the news to go direct. A true friend will not talk behind their back but to their face.

Personal information should not be shared with others. It is important to demonstrate discretion and respect a friend if we witness their self-inflicted pain, not using it to satisfy our own indulgence. And if shared we should not allow it to pique our innate curiosity. As a substitute compassion can be offered to those who have self-inflicted problems, not gossip.

When there is a breach the exposed secrets can destroy relationships. Or, the painful truths can be used to strengthen and build-up the relationships. Words can be weaponized or a trusted friend can use their words for comfort. Revealing the truth can be an opportunity for growth.

If the walls can talk whose truth will be revealed?

Gossip is equally as bad as the sin they are sharing. It is used to tear down, when what we should be doing is building up a friend in need. For the gossiper thinks they know the truth and shares their version. It is destructive and leaves the purveyor of the hateful words with a mark. When we turn towards God for direction He reveals the truth and then healing can take place.

I experienced these painful truths first hand and initially allowed the words to fester like a poison vine. But as I turned my story over to God, He revealed to me the truth behind my actions. I am now able to look at the gossiper with compassion. I am grateful for my experiences because it gave me the opportunity to grow.

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“A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy person keeps a secret.”

Proverbs 11:13 NIV

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