Globally Speaking: We are more alike than different.

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I sit at a table, surrounded by older ladies. White, middle to upper class ladies having a tea and talking. I have little in common with them. Our table is surrounded by other tables full of women, all shades, young and old. Within a two day period 500 women, all do-gooders, each so very different, came together for a common interest in spreading a message of hope.

On a mission to speak globally.

The fundraiser is through the church I attend, First Baptist of Leesburg. The Legacy of Lottie to raise money for the missionaries around the globe to spread the message of hope in a fallen world. Prior to getting involved with recovery I had no interest in helping those outside of my own country. I didn’t understand the missionary and why they care so deeply about people in other countries.

Selfishly, the reason I wasn’t globally philanthropic was because I thought our country has enough problems. Why should I bother with donating time or resources to an outsider? Why do these Christians care so much? My approach was the focus should remain on the United States, because if my country is weak then what good are we to anyone else.

I have given the religious liberties that I took for granted. During a time of rebirth and through working with others in recovery I now understand the importance of the missionaries work. While there is only so much we can do to fix ourselves, we can generously give to others.

Globally speaking we speak the same language.

The missionaries travel into remote areas of the world to share the Word of God. Although the villagers have their own struggles, we speak the same language. The words just need translated. And, then we can share the message of hope.

A joy I am discovering while blogging on WordPress is getting to know the global community. When I share a struggle, I am able to see who resonates with my struggle. I am in awe of those from different countries who choose to follow my recovery blog.

A call to action: an invitation to share with you our common struggles.

The grow-together blog is my mission to share my struggles, so no one has to struggle alone. Please consider subscribing and follow my journey, globally speaking to others who are in need of hope.

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