Truth Hurts, Marriages Suffer During Recovery.

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The truth is my relationships are suffering during my recovery.

Almost two and half years ago I made drastic changes to my personal life. I do not do life alone. I have a husband and two daughters, which means my lifestyle has impacted our relationships. I have to learn how to be intentional, not only in my recovery or pursuing my new interest, but as a wife and mother.

Some days I do better then other days. The first year I was very distant and pushed everyone away. It took time, but I did start to find a middle ground. Now I need to be very mindful of these relationships and how during my journey I need to continue to nurture each of them.

The truth is being intentional has caused contention within my marriage.

As I discover new interest and am pursuing new passions it has been difficult for my husband. Prior to recovery we spent endless hours listening to news and discussing topics which now I find disturbing. It’s not that I don’t want to be informed, but the drama and vitriol caused from the news and government I find unhealthy. This can be triggering for those who do not have healthy coping skills, which leads to unhealthy conversations.

I prefer to start my day in peace, where my husband is eager to hear the latest news. I need to be intentional at the start of my day, not just for my own personal purpose, but within our marriage. I need to make time for him and allow him to vent. Too often do I find myself engaged in my purpose and ignoring my husband. And when he is reading articles on his phone he ignores me.

For a successful marriage we both need to be intentional. We need to find that common ground and make time for shared interests. I need to offer grace when he allows the news to impact him.

Truth Hurts

The is a weekly blog publication which scratches the surface of my struggles with life and sobriety. It is meant for introspection and to question your own daily struggles. Truth Hurts takes a deeper look, sharing my daily struggles in a less formal, more intimate approach,. I will supplement the grow-together post with Truth Hurts digging deeper to spur on healthy growth.

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  1. Grace is key for sure! Thank you for sharing your heart. And prayers that others are truthful with themselves and others as they walk out their own journeys with God.

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