Health is for the H in Holistic aging

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For holistic aging, the “H” stands for health. And, it isn’t just our physical health we need to tend to but our mental and spiritual health as well.

Holistic aging the H is for hot yoga.


Hot Yoga

The holistic approach, be a warrior.

As we age our health is on the decline and it is up to each of us to make the necessary changes to slow and/or reverse our signs of aging. All of our choices and habits impact the aging process. It’s never too late to implement the changes to combat aging and to end up as a warrior.

My mind, body, and soul are not going down without a fight so I need to find a solution which complements my new lifestyle. Yoga is a practice which is part of my weekly recovery program. Over the years, I slowly poisoned my body with excess alcohol and now it is time to cleanse my body. Our bodies are resilient and even after thirty years of ingesting the liquid toxin my body doesn’t have any residual effects.

The health benefits of Yoga and the aging body.

As our body ages we encounter a host of complications, Osteoporosis, joint and spine problems, muscle and tissue changes, and hormonal. The list goes on and on… The benefits of Yoga far outweigh any other exercise regimen in regards to our aging bodies – see these fifteen health benefits. If Yoga is implemented into a weekly exercise program it is proactive approach entering middle-age.

At the time I started Yoga I was already in the process of building a new foundation for my recovery. I soon learned that what Yoga offers is a workout which develops from my core. As I started to strengthen my core, my limbs followed suit. My posture, balance and flexibility all benefit from the poses. I resolved lower back pain from a zip line accident I had a few years ago. As my body tightens so does my skin offering a youthful appearance.

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Holistic Aging, H is for Mind

Christians do not have a lock on morality. Although my personal healing is Christ-centered, I have many friends who may not attend church or do daily devotionals, but maintain a healthy character. My Yoga instructors do not bring their religious views into my practice, but they do incorporate healthy messages into my workout. So following a good work out not only am I drenched, ridding my body of chemical toxins but my mind is cleansed. They reinforce my biblical teachings.

The instructors encourage each participant to work at their own level, as my favorite instructor, Sybil, says “Keep yours eyes on your own mat.” Basically, we do as little or as much as our bodies are capable. We are not to compare ourselves to others, simply challenge ourselves. I am always up for a good challenge so mind over matter works best for me.

Holistic Aging, H is for Body

My troubles may have been instigated by the world around me, but it is my foundation which requires maintenance. My entire approach to recovery is working from my inside out, starting with my core. Not only am I repairing my body, by sweating out the toxins, but I am building a stronger, leaner body.

For years not only did I ingest alcohol but battered my body with weight lifting, running, and kick boxing. Prior to recovery I have tried Yoga to find it sleepy and not a satisfying workout. But at the age of fifty is was clear my knees and joints had had enough. I was in need of a subtle fitness approach which is restorative. Restorative doesn’t have to be sleepy. Sybil will mix in a little Nelly, and in a room which feels like a sauna, Hot In Herre will blast on the sound system resulting in a great workout with my clothing being stripped off!

I discovered a studio which meets my needs If you travel to the Eastern Shore, Maryland or Delaware, Yogavibez is well worth the visit.

Holistic Aging, H is for Soul

As a Christian, Jesus, has a home in my heart. Following my rebirth, April 6, 2021, I was given a new heart. Holistic aging the “H” stands for so much more than health of our body. For years I neglected my body. And eventually in one day I did my best to destroy what God has given me. Now my focus is restoring and rebuilding a body worthy of a Christian woman.

“Surely you know that you are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit lives in you! God will destroy anyone who destroys God’s temple. For God’s temple is holy, and you yourself are his temple.”

1 Corinthians 3:16-17 GNT

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