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March 2023 Newsletter

When Life Happens

As a designer of beautiful spaces turned writer I find my inspiration from my surroundings. The challenges I have overcome and my current everyday struggles is where I gather my material to create blog posts. My blog posts are so much more than words, but filled with emotion and ideas. As I finish writing a weekly blog post my mind is on to the next week’s post. I have a constant stream of inspiration in my head begging to get down on my computer screen.

The idea behind writing my blogs and sharing my stories is to address a felt need. Felt needs are something my friends are struggling with at a given moment. Through my words it is my hope to inspire others and to initiate much needed conversations. But there are times my thoughts get disrupted and I struggle to get my words out. This is because life happens and I lose focus on what I want to say.

Life is more than words.

I am a wife, a daughter, a mother, and a friend, all before a blogger. And when life happens I need to prioritize my roles, which places my blogging on the back burner.

I also made a commitment to myself, my friends and God to share each week. So while my blog is slowly stewing my life continues to happen. And there are times when the problems of my everyday living surface and need tended to so they do not boil over.

When life happens it’s time to write a newsletter.

This past Sunday life happened and when I went to bed that night I didn’t know how or if I wanted to honor my commitment for the week. I went to bed with a heavy heart and prayed for direction. And that night, like many other nights, I had an epiphany. I woke up with an idea and the idea was given a name.

Earlier last week, my editor mentioned the importance of creating a newsletter and writing articles. Eventually I would need to add these elements to my blog. As a blogger it is important to build an email list. An email list is used to communicate directly with an interested audience. A newsletter is a method used to deliver the message along with my weekly blog post.

Sunday night I already had the format of the week’s blog post, The Face of an Addict, but my heart wasn’t at a good place to write it. Life was happening. In one week I witnessed women losing the battle to their addiction while other women waged war and were winning. All of these ladies have a story to tell and their faces are fresh in my head.

On top of those stories my family is going through a very difficult time. My head wasn’t focused so I prayed to God for direction. I woke with the name More Than Words as a title for a newsletter. And I was given some direction with a specific message to join a zoom meeting later in the week.

when life happens it is more than words which keep me on track but God winks in my every day encounter.

The way God works in my life is through ongoing God winks. My faith is keeping me focused on my recovery through my everyday encounters. I can find God in all situations and He keeps me strong. Instead of indulging in alcohol to ease my daily life struggles I embrace the Holy Spirit.

The coming months my peaceful life will be disrupted and I will need to stay grounded. We live in a world vying for our peace and when life happens it is easy to lose focus. It is important for us to maintain control of our peace, not allowing any substitutes.

More Than Words

What to Expect

More Than Words will be a monthly supplement to my weekly blog post. I will send out a total of five emails a month. The weekly blog is focused on one topic to address a felt need for my reader. It is short with general information to spark conversation or simply introspection of one’s own life. The newsletter will dig deeper in areas of interest and I will offer more resources. While I choose to share personal information on a blog post, it is in the newsletter where I will share more intimate background information. In the newsletter I will:

Recap the previous months blogs.

Through social media analytics I can get a gauge of what is of interest to my audience. Instagram offers demographics for each post. Both Instagram and Facebook stories share who the audience is so I know how to craft my message. And Facebook posts are very valuable because I learn what content is of interest to my social media. I am not able to see which person is interested but I can see how many people follow the link to my blog site.

And when I mention the word sex my readers are very intrigued!

Based on the data and feedback from friends I will follow-up in my newsletter to address these areas of interest.

Offer more intimate information.

My blog posts come directly from what I have or am experiencing in life. I will tackle the items people avoid talking about. It is important for me to be transparent but I need to be mindful of those who I do life with. When I share it will be my role in past and ongoing events. In the newsletter I will dig a little deeper and share more personal information.

When life happens I need to be a wife.

Currently, my husband and I traveled north to our home state which is disrupting my blogging. We are preparing our family home for the real estate Spring market. Life is happening and I need to be a wife, supporting my husband through this difficult time. He has more history with the home and has put in so much of his own sweat and tears. My role as a wife and mother come first.

When life happens I need to be a daughter.

The timing of this transition isn’t ideal. My husband’s mother is battling stage four cancer. His mother and I have a close relationship. I am fortunate because we live close to them in the south. I am able to be present during her time in need. At the same time my mother lives up north. I need to be a daughter near and far.

Offer resources.

I do extensive research when I blog, gathering my information from a variety of sources. The Bible has been my guidebook on how to tackle my day to day struggles. During the course of writing a book I have developed a wealth of knowledge which complements my writing. My plan is to eventually supplement my blogging and newsletter with articles.

How to create eye-catching newsletters

Share my upcoming months blog post.

The month of March I will focus my attention of identity and insecurities. Each month I will attempt to have a cohesive theme but when life happens I will allow myself grace if I deviate from my plan.

The face of an addict – Week One
Finding our identity from our roots – Week Two
The birth of our insecurities – Week Three
Coming out of the closet and accepting our identity through Christ – Week Four

Upcoming News

Currently I am working with an editor on my first book. We are past the half-way point and she is a Heaven sent. Swallow Your Pride is a speculative memoir, meaning I share stories pertaining to my recovery and offer “what if” scenarios. The book is co-written with my alter-ego and the woman is a bit delusional. The book is Christian based but tackles rough subject matter, such as shame.

I am eager to complete the editing of that book so I can start the query process. I have been developing the framework on book two, which is fiction. That book tackles identity and pride is a major theme.

When Life Happens: more than words is so much more than writing.

More Than Words the newsletter will give an in-depth look at my journey as not only a writer but a woman meeting her struggles head on each day, placing my faith in God and enjoying every step of the way. And I too will help shoulder your daily struggles. “The good news: No one does anything alone. You can help friends and family get through life’s big and small obstacles, and they will do the same for you.”

“Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.”

Galatians 6:2 NIV

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  1. Great idea, Karen. I love that you’ll be sending out more resources. Do we sign up elsewhere or will the this newsletter be published through your blog?

    • Thank you so much for reaching out. This week has been so difficult for blogging. I honestly have no clue how to get the newsletter out there with WordPress. I don’t really understand the collecting email thing. I am also very frustrated with WordPress because you put so much effort into appearance and it goes out looking like crap!

      I will be playing catch up this week. I will be reading your post when we travel south this week.

      Have a great day!

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