Talking To Hear Yourself Talk

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What’s worse than talking to hear yourself talk?

Worst yet…

For over a year I have been sharing at least one blog per week to my social media and the blogger community. My hope and intention is to build a readership. Ssslllooowwwly… I am doing so, but it is painfully slow. My slow growth isn’t my problem, because I am well aware of the importance of blogging more, not less, to grow a platform. And, I have chosen to blog only once a week.

A good decade ago I noticed my mother, at the time in her early seventies, she constantly talked. We would drive in the car and she wouldn’t shut up! Other times I would walk with a neighbor lady and she wouldn’t allow me to get a word into our conversation. She wouldn’t shut the hell up! Over the years, with the exception of alcohol induced conversation, I have always been a bit reserved. I would consider myself a good conversationalist and decent listener. Both good attributes which add to successful communication skills.

Sometimes when people talk to hear themselves talk, but not have a message, I tend to zone out. Their message falls on deaf ear. At times I hear it in recovery meetings when individuals like to dominate the conversation. Their words tend to get lost in translation without being able to establish their point.

Words Lose Significance

It isn’t just the verbal word, but the written word which can get lost. When blogging and sharing to social media to just fulfill a commitment, my blog loses it’s significance. I get bombarded with blogs daily from those I subscribe. I tend to block the people who send multiple blogs a week and for many others after a quick scan I hit the trash button.

Others Are Not Included In The Dialogue

I like to give everyone a chance, but am learning to be discriminate on what information I take in. There are few bloggers who post daily that capture my attention and I am choosing to learn from them. But I know everyone has something important to say so I need to take time to just listen.

If you are a writer, blogger, or simply a reader and would like to be heard please send me a message or subscribe to my blog. In turn I will follow you and listen to what you have to say.

We are bombarded with words from voices which want heard. For me it is getting too noisy. I am simply not giving others a chance to be heard. It is time to reprioritize my blogging strategy. I wish to remain silent for a few weeks and just listen, read what others have to say.

I will not be posting to social media but continue to blog when I am moved to do so. Choosing to place my recovery first, which entails slowly working my steps and digging deeper into the Word. I also need to refocus my writing goals. Writing has been very therapeutic in a time of recovery and I am passionate story teller. I wrote one story and have another to tell.

Speaking From The Heart

Surrounding myself with others in recovery I am learning to listen and learn from their struggles. I do not like talking to hear myself talk. In fact, I don’t even like to hear my own voice! Other times a friend in recovery just needs to be heard. Speaking it out helps them process their information. These friends are strengthening my heart. They give me the courage to be vulnerable because now I know I am not alone with my struggles.

Today my mother lives states away and I miss her constant banter. My heart craves her voice but she has little to say when I call. I am struggling with the guilt of not having those conversations with her anymore.

Over the years my mind has become polluted, but my heart remains pure. Blogging has helped me on my path towards recovery. And when I share from my heart it is God’s Word, not my corrupted tongue.

Sharing God’s Word

When sharing from self-will my words get lost in translation. My solution for when the words don’t flow and I am stuck is to turn towards the Bible. There I find endless inspiration. The scripture teaches me to be a better person and encourages me to share from my heart.

2 responses to “Talking To Hear Yourself Talk”

  1. Karen, yours is one of the blogs I routinely read (and with relish!). Your transparency is always so refreshing. I love how you’re honest and utterly yourself in your work – something that I think often gets lost in translation for Christians who try to please other Christians. Keep going. Keep listening to the Spirit lead.

    And in my own experience, less is truly more. I’ve been more prolific in my writing in the past and now enjoy publishing a weely post/email while I work on my book and research publishing/marketing ideas the rest of the week. You’ll find your groove, too, and it’s smart taking a break to do so.

    • Writing forces me to be truthful and sharing is humbling. You continue to inspire me and I am happy at least one other person gets me!

      At times I think my blogs are off-putting to the typical Christian female. I am not trying to get accolades from fellow Christian bloggers but speak to their human side. It’s a side many of us hide from others and even oftentimes ourselves!

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