Slothfulness: Being stuck in contentment while craving more.

portrait of sloth hanging upside down on branch

Stuck in contentment is good.

This past year I have been diligently blogging and sharing. I am happy with where I am in life. Writing is healing and sharing builds resilience. I am content with life and that is good.

But, blogging once a week and sharing to a platform with little interaction bores me. So I have a desire for more and need to feed that hunger. Growth takes work and complacency contributes to slothfulness.

For continued growth, I need to add to my routine which will detract from my original plans. I will continue to blog, but not on a schedule. I will do so when my heart moves me to write (which is quite often) but only post to social media when I have a desire to share. My blog site is available and with intention anyone can subscribe and follow me.

Stuck in slothfulness is bad.

What is slothfulness? The biblical context is the act of laziness in accordance with the lack of pursuit from the commands of God. The more I focus on God, the less I am driven by my own self-will. My goal is to grow my relationship with God, trusting in Him for fruitful results. And continue to be driven by my passion to write and share with others. I have no time for complacency.

Tips To Get Unstuck

When complacent in life, we stop growing. Sometimes even when busy, we fool ourselves into thinking we are working and actually not being productive. This is where I am in my recovery. I feel great, but I am stuck in contentment.

I need to consider what this means for my blogging. At the present time I am going through a transition period. We are heading south for the cool season. This is a good time for me to hit the pause button and re-group. The above link and steps below will offer me guidance.

  • Decide what matters
  • Declare your plan
  • Create consequences
  • Pray for strength and discipline

I will be making changes, rattling myself awake, to feed that hunger that God is instilling inside of me. If you care to grow with me please subscribe. I will not bombard you with daily emails. I intend to write a monthly newsletter which is structured, but allow my heart to share through my weekly blog posting.

Slothfulness casts into a deep sleep, and an idle person will suffer hunger.

Proverbs 19:15 ESV

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